Linguica, Chourico, & Portuguese Sausage

Michaels ProvisionMichael’s Chourico & Linguica has been a staple of regional Portuguese cuisine since the 1940’s.  Located at 317 Lindsey St in Fall River, Massachusetts, Michael’s provides high quality Portuguese sausage to local restaurants, grocers, but most importantly direct from our family butcher store to your family dinner table.

Michael’s is well known for our lean smoked pork sausage products including Mild Chourico, Hot Chourico, Linguica, Morcella, and Salpicao.  We also produce both Chicken and Turkey Chouricos & Linguicas.


Michael's Hot ChouricoAll products are made at our USDA approved facility in Fall River, MA from fresh high quality meats and ingredients.  We also provide direct online ordering via our website with safe and secure checkout service provided by


To ensure you receive your order with the freshness and full flavor of buying direct from us, we only ship on Monday’s and Tuesdays ensuring that product is not in transit through the weekend.  Any orders received Wed-Sunday will ship the immediate following Monday or Tuesday.  Michael’s ships throughout the continental United States and more information about shipping can be found here.  All meat products will be shipped vacuumed sealed, and foil wrapped and include gel packs to ensure quality.

Michael’s also offers other local favorites such as Portuguese Sweet Bread, Portuguese Muffins ( Bolos Levedos), Spices, and snack foods like favas, pumpkin seeds, crispy corn, and sugar coated almonds.  We also ffer Knorr & Sazon products.